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The Heretic Book – SIGNED Copy

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About the Book

Let’s get real. Being an entrepreneur comes with its ups and downs. To achieve success in the business world, one must dive deeper and realize what it really takes to be an entrepreneur. All the struggles, disappointments, and frustrations are what will help you grow and achieve what it is you really want. The Heretic is a place where we can truly get real about entrepreneurship. Right down to the nitty gritty of it all. Through humor, practical tips and my own personal stories within the crazy and exhilarating world of entrepreneurship you’ll discover:

  • Ways to deal with failure
  • Giving yourself credit
  • What’s meaningful to you
  • And most importantly, finding inspiration and motivation

There are so many books out there trying to tell you how to be a successful entrepreneur. Truth is there is no one way to achieve greatness. Everyone has their own struggles and their own experiences that will lead to their own unique way of how they became successful. Sharing our insights and what we have learned along the way is the best way to give advice. Simply telling someone how to do be an entrepreneur will never work, you will only be making them a replica of yourself and the whole idea behind being a successful entrepreneur is doing something different. There are no entrepreneurs out there that are exactly the same. If that were true the business world would be a boring and unthrilling career choice. It’s about taking risks, failing, succeeding, being different and enjoying every minute of it!

In this book we’re going to get raw, unfiltered and opinionated. Prepare to get real!